Parents Get Real Choice As Unique Whole-Milk Infant Formula Wows Ahead Of World Milk Day

As World Milk Day (June 1) approaches, the mums and dads of infants and toddlers are being advised that they can now show a whole lot of love for their child, simply by making a careful choice when it comes to buying infant formula.

They are also being briefed on the factors to consider when making their choice, but being reminded that the best way to see if something is better for your child is to try it yourself.

Underlying this is a choice parents have not had before – a whole-milk infant formula. This comes in the shape of the unique Kendamil Infant Formula, an unfamiliar name right now, but one increasingly on the lips of those living around Kendal, on the edge of Beatrix Potter country in the idyllic Lake District, Cumbria.

That’s where Kendamil Infant Formula is made, making it not just the only whole-milk infant formula available, but also the only infant formula sold in Britain that is actually manufactured on these shores.

Its traceability and provenance goes back to dairy herds grazing around Cumbria and northern Lancashire. Its heritage, however, goes back over 25 years, as many of the people making it have been making infant formulas, in the same factory, for names like GSK, Boots and HJ Heinz, during that period of time.

Parents locally are already showing a whole lot of love by choosing what is a wholesome and nutritious product retaining all the nutritional value of milk. Facebook posts are appearing by the day, giving glowing reviews and acting as powerful endorsement of a product that is creating a whole load of happy and content Kendamil babies.

Their comments are vindication for the Kendamil Infant Formula team’s belief that their unique and traditional recipe would benefit babies and toddlers by giving them more energy and fewer issues surrounding digestion and constipation. The feedback from a user panel of parents who have switched to Kendamil is astounding.  Babies are reported to be full of energy and seem more content.  They are sleeping soundly and often right through the night.  As one mum puts it, her child is “thriving”.

This should not come as a total surprise. The Kendamil Infant Formula recipe includes some vegetable oils, to provide the child with essential fatty acids, but the formula is nowhere near as laden with vegetable oils as other formulas.  In these, an excessive amount of vegetable oil is used, to try to replace the natural goodness of the cream of the milk, which has been removed.  Milk fat, coming from the milk’s cream, is simply easier to digest than vegetable oil.

There are also big differences in the composition of whole milk and skim milk. Whole milk is 26% fat and 26% protein, with the rest comprising lactose and minerals. The fat in milk provides the energy a child needs, if not feeding from the breast. Whole milk is also incredibly nutrient-rich, being full of Vitamins D and B12, Riboflavin, Phosphorus and Vitamin A, protein and calcium.

Skim milk, on the other hand, is 1% fat and 34% protein, with the rest being lactose and minerals.  Whilst whole milk provides 68 kcals of energy per 100mls, skimmed milk provides only 35 kcals. It is also known that feeding infants with too much protein can lead to obesity in later life.

Kendamil Infant Formula also contains both Omega 3 (DHA), for eye and cognitive development, and Omega 6 (ARA), essential for brain and muscle development, plus the pre-biotic GOS, which helps relieve diarrhoea and cramps, relieve constipation, promote the absorption of minerals and enhance the child’s immune system.

Mums and dads in Cumbria, as well as retail buyers, are now quickly catching on to the feedback about Kendamil Infant Formula, available at Stages 1 (0-6 months: First Infant Milk) 2 (6-12 months: Follow-on Milk) and 3 (12-36 months: Toddler Milk), and the Kendamil range of baby cereals – equally nutritious and easy to make up – for babies aged from four months.

The Kendamil brand name will soon be appearing on supermarket shelves in the northwest and Yorkshire, thanks to a listing with well-respected northern supermarket chain, E.H. Booths. It is hard to ignore the constant stream of parents arriving at both the Kendal Nutricare factory shop and the Made in Cumbria shop in Kendal, to buy their tins of whole-milk formula. Kendal Nutricare will also shortly be allowing parents across Britain to buy the product online.

However, for most mums and dads in Britain, Kendamil Infant Formula is currently a well-kept secret, as it is only now that Kendal Nutricare has nationwide distribution in the pipeline and is thus ready to tell the British parenting media that a nutritious, whole-milk infant formula is now on the market.

“Most parents don’t even realise that their infant formula is made with skim milk and not whole,” says the CEO of Kendamil Infant Formula’s manufacturer, Kendal Nutricare. “Our aim is to educate them on the benefits of switching from a skimmed milk formula, to one with all the wholesome goodness and significant nutritional benefits of whole milk.  We’ve already proved that the best way of doing this is to allow your child to try Kendamil and see the difference for yourself.

“We have huge faith in our unique, wholesome recipe and top quality product and this has been vindicated by our user panel of parents in Cumbria and by others who have been recommended to try Kendamil Infant Formula. We don’t have to talk about what we believe the benefits to be, as the parents of happy Kendamil babies are already spontaneously doing that for us, because they want to help and assist other parents who are having trouble with their child’s feeding, digestion or sleep patterns.

“If parents make up two bottles, one of Kendamil Infant Formula and one of their current formula, we are confident they will taste and perceive the difference and even see one. The liquid in the Kendamil bottle will look more like whole milk and will be more satisfying, with a naturally sweet taste thanks to the cream of the milk. All we can say to parents is ‘give it a go’.  If your child takes to it, and both you and they are happy, we will have achieved our goal.”

The Kendamil online store is scheduled to go live in July, along with the launch of a Superkosher infant formula. After this, Kendal Nutricare is convinced that positive and helpful reviews by parents will appear on social media sites nationwide. Its highly experienced and intuitive team are confident that, when it comes to infant formula, they have found the recipe for success.