Kendamil is the only baby formula brand manufactured in the UK and uses British raw materials to formulate their premium recipe.

Our range of Kendamil baby formulas are made using full cream milk fat at sourced locally from farms based in Cumbria and Lancashire, taking advantage of the area’s outstanding beauty and rich pasture.

Breast milk is the gold standard. It is the most natural way of providing your baby with the nourishment they need to grow and develop. Nevertheless in cases where mothers are unable to, or choose not to breastfeed, our formula can provide the best alternative for providing your baby with nutrition.

Both Stage 1 & Stage 2 Milks are formulated to follow the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION guidelines of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS which stipulates that formula milk must provide 30% fat, which is provided for with a whey:casein ratio of 60:40 in our stage 1 milk.

In 2015 our Research & Development Team set out on a journey into formulate the Kendamil recipe and to create the best formula in the world. The process started with our experts talking to parents and identifying the issues they were having with their formula feeds. Feedback surprisingly highlighted cases of eczema, increased colic, constipation and disrupted sleep amongst babies. Parents were also concerned about formulations using a combination of skimmed milk and the inclusion of vegetable oils designed to increase the fat content in formulas (Vegetable oils & fats can constitute 25-30% of these formulations.)

Two decades ago, the majority of baby formulas were based on full-cream milk. The increased demand for butter fat for the production of butter and cheese made the cost of full cream milk very expensive thus incentivising companies to use skim milk for formula production. Full cream mammal milk fats are beneficial for infant growth and development and is used by Kendamil to create a recipe closer to the “Gold standard” of Breast Milk.

The feedback from parents and research into traditional formula recipes led to development of a full-cream formulation using whole fat milk from local Red Tractor approved dairy farms across the Lake District and the North West. We have reduced the quantity of vegetable oils while maintaining the essential levels of linoleic and alpha linolenic oils, removed Palm Oil entirely and avoid the use of GMOs in our award winning formula– Find out why here.

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The Kendalife brand is a convenient formulated nutrition powder that can be taken as a full meal replacement drink and as an exercise and energy supplement.

One single serving provides 15g-22g protein (reconstituted with water or milk), 24 vitamins and minerals, essential BCAA’s and fatty acids combined with the equivalent of 45g-55g of super fruits per glass.

Our R&D team found that supplements available on the market were either for people who visit the gym on a daily basis or older people who needed an energy boost. They also found meal replacements were generally quite tasteless.

Consequently, we here at Kendal Nutricare tasked ourselves to create a natural meal replacement with a blend of fruit, milk, vitamins & minerals that tasted good enough to drink each day.

Kendalife was designed to be versatile and easy to prepare for people on the go. Kendalife is made to support those with hectic lifestyles, active interests or who have a clinical requirement for a nutritious supplement.

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