Kendal Nutricare Land 5 Year Contract Exporting To China, During PM Trip

Kendal Nuricare have signed a £85 million exclusive export contract extension with a Chinese firm, as the Prime Minister continues her trip to intensify the ‘Golden Era’ in UK-China trade and relations.

The Cumbria-based pharmaceutical reasearch company, which specialises in manufacturing healthcare products for babies under the brand name Kendamil, have won the five-year contract extension with import and export company Orient International Holding Shanghai Foreign Trading Co.

They have been recognised and chosen by the British government to support Theresa May on her mission to China. The photograph of CEO Ross McMahon holding two cans of our Kendamil infant formula has created a lot of interest on social media as the brand Kendamil is recognised not just locally but globally as the only British manufacturer of Infant Formula.

CEO Ross McMahon meeting with Dr Liam Fox
CEO Ross McMahon with Liam Fox

The firm is also expected to create an additional 25 jobs in the Cumbria region as a result of the contract, in addition to the 125 employees producing the Kendamil infant formula product range.

The Prime Minister is in China to discuss new opportunities for British business both now and following Brexit – maximising the benefit to the UK from China’s economic opening.

The Prime Minister is visiting Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai during her trip and Kendal Nutricare is one around 50 businesses and organisations representing a range of sectors that has been accompanying her.

Trade between the UK and China is already at record levels and UK exports to China have grown by over 60% since 2010.

Ross McMahon, Kendal Nutricare CEO, said:

I’m delighted that our Kendamil infant formula has received approval from China FDA, enabling us to continue exporting our products.

“I look forward to working with colleagues in China, and to helping to create further employment opportunities here in Britain.

The company’s Kendamil product is the only British-manufactured infant formula with approval to be exported to China.

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