Country Fest Appearance Hastens Arrival Of Unique New Baby Formula’s Online Shop

Kendal’s very own infant formula manufacturer, Kendal Nutricare, is anticipating even greater demand for its unique whole-milk Kendamil Infant Formula when it exhibits at Country Fest, on June 4 and 5, and is speeding up the delivery of its e-commerce website to accommodate this.

Kendamil Infant Formula has been riding a wave of popularity since March, when it sponsored the Baby and Parent Chill Zone at Kendal Festival of Food. Parents who have bought Kendamil for their child have been busily posting updates on Facebook, for the benefit of other parents, and have reported that their babies seem more content and energetic, whilst enjoying better patterns of sleep and no tummy troubles.

Whilst many have been buying direct from the factory shop, or from Made in Cumbria’s Kendal branch, the good news is that Kendamil Infant Formula Stages 1 and 2, plus the firm’s full range of baby cereals, will be in Booth’s outlets across Cumbria in June or early July. Kendal Nutricare is also gearing up for extra demand after Country Fest, by launching a new online shop that can deliver Kendamil formulas and cereals to parents UK-wide.

Kendal Nutricare’s CEO, Ross McMahon, says: “We expect to widen our circle of parents at Country Fest, as show visitors come from across Cumbria and further afield. Whilst we have been able to satisfy the demand of Kendal-based parents via our factory shop, we recognise that Country Fest will see us getting requests from mums and dads who cannot buy from there. Our web designers have been advised that we need a speedy and safe delivery of our new online shop, which will appear by July. “

Parental demand has been fuelled by the fact that Kendamil Infant Formula is made to a traditional wholesome recipe, based on whole milk rather than skimmed. This is a unique facet of this infant formula, which is also the only one made in Britain.

By using whole milk, the Kendamil Infant Formula delivers all the health benefits that cows’ milk provides and contains many nutrients and minerals. Drawing on nature’s goodness, in this way, rather than processed vegetable oils, eases the strain on little tummies and encourages more smiles.

As part of its Country Fest activity, Kendal Nutricare will have a montage of some of its very happy Kendamil babies on show. Photography of local Kendal babies has been created by Clare Remington, who is both a photographer and midwife.

Sales Director, Neill Duffy, says: “We wanted to show off some of our happy Kendamil babies and their parents were delighted to help us. We don’t promise mums and dads that their child will become an astronaut or a brain surgeon, but we do tell them that we expect their child to be more content, relaxed and happy to engage and play after some nice sound sleep. That’s all that our Kendamil parents really want, which is why we say that our whole-milk based ‘Kendamil’ delivers a whole lot of love.”