CEO Talks to Parliament about the Future of Infant Formula in the UK

On 17th October, our CEO, Ross McMahon, heads to Parliament for the All-Party Parliamentary Group discussion on a Fit and Healthy Childhood.

Ross will present his thoughts on the future of infant formula in the UK, in particular the need for more stringent laws surrounding the manufacture of this vital product that 98% of British mums use. Ross wants the government to prohibit the use of palm oil combined with skimmed milk in infant formulas, as well as provide more information and transparency for new parents so that they can see exactly what they are feeding their children.

In the run up to the APPG on Wednesday, we’ve been running a survey to understand parents’ views on the manufacture of infant formula in the UK. The overwhelming responses so far have been to ban the use of palm oil with skimmed milk, and for greater traceability of ingredients. A huge thank you to everyone who has completed the survey thus far – if you would like to have your say, you can find our survey here.