British Infant Formula Manufacturer Has Unique Answer To Baby Milk Needs

British Supermarkets Urged To Think ‘Full Cream Milk’ And ‘British’

Whilst an issue with some infant formulas have been hitting the headlines recently, a growing number of Cumbrian parents have had no such concerns.

In the heart of Cumbria a new and unique range of infant formulas and cereals have causing ripples across the Lakes.

A new brand called Kendamil is not only the sole infant formula to be manufactured to a full cream recipe, rather than skimmed, but also the only infant formula in the British market actually manufactured in Britain.

This contrasts with competitor formulas currently on sale in UK stores, which are all imported.

The manufacturer has its base at the former GSK, Boots and, latterly, HJ Heinz factory in Kendal, where many of its team of laboratory research scientists and production team have been working for over 25 years, in constant consultation with paediatric specialists. The difference, since the factory was bought by managing director, Ross McMahon last year, is that the formula is now focused on delivering the greatest amount of natural goodness achievable. Cumbrian babies are lucky babies, as they are the first to try the full cream formula.

The powder is formulated with essential vitamins and minerals and contains added prebiotics (GOS) and Omega 3 and 6. It is manufactured to a traditional recipe and contains fewer vegetable oils than competitor infant formulas.

The Kendamil products are already delighting parents. The full cream formula delivers the goodness babies need for energy and sound sleep and helps overcome digestive issues. Children are reported to be happier and parents are feeling more rested and relaxed, as their baby sleeps longer and suffers less distress.