5 Year Contract Signed

Kendal Nuricare have now officially signed an exclusive 5 year contract extension with a Chinese firm.

Shanghai Signed Contract
Contract Signed! #ExportingIsGREAT #NorthernPowerhouse


Pictured is  signing the new contract extension with Orient International Shanghai Foreign Trade co ltd. Featured is Vice President Mr Chu, Minister and Deputy Head of the British Embassy Beijing, Martyn Roper OBE, General Manager Mr Zheng Yi, our Chief Representative in China, Lucy Shen and the Secretary of State Liam Fox.

Under the brand name Kendamil, Kendal Nutricare have won the five-year contract extension with import and export company Orient International Holding Shanghai Foreign Trading Co.

The signing took place in Shanghai and was observed by Dr Liam Fox.

The meeting took place during The Prime Ministers trade mission to China.

Trade between the UK and China is at record levels and UK exports to China have grown by over 60% since 2010.

Kendal Nutricare is also expected to create an additional 25 jobs from the 5 year contract extension in the Cumbria region as a result of the contract, in addition to the 125 employees producing the Kendamil infant formula product range.

This all comes as just days before Kendamil Infant Formula received approval from China FDA, enabling the brand to continue exporting in China.

Ross McMahon, Kendal Nutricare’s CEO, said:

I’m delighted that our Kendamil infant formula has received approval from China FDA, enabling us to continue exporting our products.

“I look forward to working with colleagues in China, and to helping to create further employment opportunities here in Britain.