Locally Sourced Milk

We have worked closely with Red Tractor to help us decide which farms would be best to supply our milk. Because of this, we know where all our milk come from.

Red Tractor is the largest food scheme in the UK and covers all aspects of the food industry. The Red Tractor logo indicates that the way food is produced is regularly checked by independent experts and has been produced responsibly.

All of the Milk we use is sourced from Cows born, raised and milked here in Britain.

The Red Tractor insists on rigorous production standards from farms. They don’t allow growth hormones or antibiotic residues. Just good quality food at it’s best.

We have worked closely with Red Tractor to help us decide which British farms are best equipped to supply our milk. This means we can directly source where all of our milk comes from. Our team monitor every step of the journey to be certain that the farms are of the highest quality.

We make sure that the farmers we source from take care of their animals and visit every farm to be sure that only the best skilled people are looking after the livestock. We assure that the animals have suitable space to roam and that they are provided with appropriate food and water to be healthy.

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